Saturday, November 28, 2009


Beautiful morning beautiful road no traffic
Monster recycling truck pulls out blocking my view, my space
How do I get around it?
Slow moving monster down my still beautiful street

The monster turns where I turn
Goes where I go
I want to be in front of the monster
I want him behind me

New turn, new road, broken yellow lines, no traffic
I rev my engine cross the line
Leaving the recycling truck far behind

“That was easy”, I thought
My views returned, expansive, rolling hills
My space returned, no barriers
Enjoying my beautiful morning, beautiful road

What happened?
I chose what I wanted
Universe responded with clear vision
I acted, no barriers, just action


  1. I like when my days start out unobstructed, which is why I begin them so early. Choosing the moment to cross the line and make that right foot meet the floorboard can be exhilarating and especially so when the ugly (but necessary) quickly fades in the rear view mirror.

    Be Well

  2. Oh yes Raw Voices! Oh yes ...
    June in Oz

  3. the universe response when we state our wants clearly.

  4. We're in a good place in life when simple things like getting ahead of the recycling truck bring us pleasure. Life is very colorful for you right now, and I'm happy for you.