Saturday, October 17, 2009

Get Over It

'Get Over It' is the title of one of my favorite Eagles songs and it is very funny as well as being very direct which my sarcastic personality can appreciate. It's not until you're over something that you really see how hard and how long you held onto it. Then you can give yourself the chance to really analyze it to understand why you held on so long and so hard.

I recently began the "Get Over It" process as I felt myself release a relationship. There was no fanfare to mark my final release. No angelic hosts seranading my freedom. No external excitement whatsoever. It was a profound shift in my focus. Suddenly, the angst was gone. I felt me become important and not them. New thoughts popped into my head. It was so instantaneous when the shift occurred that it took me a few days to fully embrace what I was experiencing for the first time in a really long time. I was thinking of myself and the things that would make me happy. I was not considering anyone else in my thinking because I was confident that their happiness, or wellbeing, or life was not mine to consider. I am a Mother and my children are grown. I am single, young, and FREE.

If I want to pick up and move across the country, I can. If I want to walk away from the life I live now and start a new one someplace else, I can. If I want to sit still for a while, I can. If I want to have a wild crazy affair, I can. I can do anything I want. There is no one else to make happy but me and the truth that my freedom has shown me is that there never was anyone else to make happy.

It was not easy to let go of the things that I held close. But when I did, the shift was profound. So whether you're married or single, young or old, man or woman, I am here to declare in a loud strong voice, BE HAPPY!! There is no one else in your life more important than you. Whatever is between you and your happiness, Get Over It.


  1. I have released relationships (the times when I accept there is no chance to salvage it anymore) but the feeling of enlightment has only been temporary. In the long run, small steps at a time have finally gotten me at shore but it has not been as easy as "get over it".
    The change of focus is necessary when we release a relationship, but it still remains difficult.

  2. I don't want you to think that this was easy. My shift came after a lot of angst, a lot of tears, years of pain about what to do. When the final release came, it was profound and final. The feelings that kept me tied were no longer there and I felt truly free.